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Our most in demand services

Whether it’s conducting customer due diligence, managing your alerts, investigating unusual or suspicious matters or preparing and submitting reports on your behalf.


Suspicious matter investigations and enhanced customer due diligence

Due Diligence

Initial customer due diligence. Transaction monitoring and screening alert triage


Remediation (back book) support


Temporary resource relief (eg during mergers, separations or enforceable).


Analysis of 3rd party reports (such as those received from administrators) providing insights and actions

What makes us different

In-built quality

We don’t just provide you with a quarterly attestation to rely on.

All of the work undertaken by AML Ops is subject to our formal quality assurance framework and we provide the outcomes of our testing to you.


By outsourcing to AML Ops, you will have clarity on how your AML/CTF framework is being implemented and a risk based approach that meets your Program requirements.

There is no need to manage or prioritise your day to day requirements, our team can flex with your organisational rhythm to ensure you maintain a highly effective control environment.


We provide customised, role specific training to all of our team members so they fully understand their role in supporting your business.

Our capability framework provides clarity in the skills that are expected for every role and every AML/CTF activity undertaken. Our team also undergo a formal qualification as they progress in their roles – bringing vital external perspectives to complement their on the job learning.

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